Help us Grow the Mercado!

Bienvenido to the Portland Mercado, the first latino public market in portland, oregon and a grassroots community economic development project of Hacienda CDC.  Along with community partners and the Latino community, we have opened with 19 businesses representing various latin american foods, services and products.

We have 8 food carts in our outdoor plaza. Inside you will find a grocery and produce business, a beer and wine shop, a meat shop and chorizo business, a coffee shop, a party shop, a juice and fruit store, service businesses upstairs and a full-time affordable commissary kitchen for start-up entrepreneurs. Click here for more information about our businesses. 

Our project, an incubator model, provides affordable retail space for businesses to launch and grow, and is a hub for Latino culture in Portland. 15-20 new businesses have opened in an area of Portland seeking healthy and delicious food options and better economic opportunities for all. The development of this project is inspired by entrepreneurship, Latino cultural history and heritage, traditional and local foods, social enterprise, vibrant cultures, and public markets throughout the world. 

This market is more than just an opportunity to support our local economy. It is an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate our diverse backgrounds through food and other goods and services.
— United States Senator Ron Wyden

Our Mission: The Portland Mercado is an economic development project based on Latino cultural heritage that brings together diverse cultures through entertainment, art, and food.

La Misión: El Mercado Latino es una oportunidad de desarrollo económico con herencia cultural latina integrando diversas culturas a través del entretenimiento, la artesanía, y la comida.